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American Army Training Corps

The SWBF1 American Army Training Corps

Welcome to the new AaTc website, AaTc has gone through many difficulties lately, the site is still under construction. Please enjoy what we have so far. All new members please read the Rules and the Rookie's Mess Hall pages. =AaTc= Is the winner of the Great Galactic War 2 Tournament and will soon be in GGW3!



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=AaTc='s way of fighting, fair and clean.

=AaTc= # 1


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If you are here to join AaTc, you should have either been recruited or are coming to see a leader to join. Only the elite may join AaTc. You must always be active and improve in skill to get rank-ups. If you want to join read The Law, The Assassin's Creed and Joining AaTc. It is necessary to do these to join. You must know what to do and how to do it. If you have questions xfire our leaders, or post on the guestbook. KoteY's xfire is cljcommando and Cyclone's is sixbluetiger6.


If you would like to join the elite AaTc clan please follow these instructions:

1. Go to www.xfire.com and download xfire, then go to www.xfire.com/clans/aatc apply to join the AaTc xfire clan.

2.  Post on the forums and answer these questions:

Games I play:

Screen Name(s):

xfire(if you have it):

Best weapons:

Time Zone:

Playing Times:

I will obey the AaTc Rules and my commanding officers(yes or no):

 3. On any games you play add AaTc tags. Heres an example: =AaTc=Rank.~Name

Clan News!

=AaTc= Is Back!!!!

=AaTc= has been brought back from the dead with the new leaders: Wario and Fett. AaTc is once again the greatest and funnest clan ever! This old site is being merged with AaTc - AaTc Reformed - And ApeX Gaming to make the best AaTc ever!!


The GGW3, Its happening!

We've won the GGW2 and now it's almost time to join the GGW3. Everyone sign up on the GGW3 Battle List and get ready to fight!


Recruit's Disappearing - What's happening??

All the new recruits have gone inactive, where do they go? No new recruits can be inactive, So all the old ones KEEP RECRUITING! We are making the awards again so the Recruitment Award will be coming back! Recruit and make SURE they don't go inactive.


Fett, Retire or Return.

Our magnificent leader Fett has been inactive do to school and strict parents, will he come back? Or will he be unable to convince his parents to let him play more. He has said, and I quote, " guys im almost on summer break so im working hard to finish and when summer comes ill be ALOT more active" end quote. Will one of the best SWBF1 players walk away, or come back to save the day? AaTc Admiral Wario says "idk in a decade maybe? he shouldnt retire but should come back. But if hes unable to play all the time then he should retire" We will have more info on that later.


The Merge, is it really happening?

The merge, the merge of AaTc and DssR it has been talked about for weeks, and no one really knows if its happening or not, AaTc Leader Fett says "The future is an uncertain thing, it's still up in the air about the merge."  Former Leader Slice also has a comment about the merge, "Personally I don't want to see my old clan dissapear from SWBF1, I know the players will still be there and the memory, but that's not how I intended on my clan dieing." Will it happen or not, talks should start between the two clans' leaders sometime in the next two to three weeks.


The Merge is off with DssR, but now talks about merging with Wu!

HAlor's Frog and Cyclone say that we need members and will probably merge with Wu, even though we have a decent amount of members for these hard times in SWBF1. The merge is still undecided yet.


A new AaTc Sign/Tag

We (Frog and Snake) have made up a sign for aatc mainly to put on mods and such, Fett has confirmed it as the official AaTc Insignia, it is =/-\= You will see it on most of my mods and probably on the new AaTc map frog is making.


Modding Manual

Me and Frog are eventually going to make a modding journal for all the new coming modders, and hopefully it will  help us aswell.


The Mod/Map News

Here are some pictures of mine and frogs mods coming up. (Frog has not gotten any pics as of right now and i will add those later.)

thats my commando scout trooper.


(News by Snake)

  (Will be updated when there is more news.)


=AaTc= Has been brought back Feb. 10th 2010

Fett and Wario are new Leaders!

New Ranks added

Fett - Snake - Wario gone this week on vacation, good luck Temps! (Temporary Leaders)


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